Programmer's Life | Treat yourself as a product

When we are born, we are initialized.

Appearance and physique are our UI, and life is our core business.

Throughout our entire lifespan, we need to constantly learn, master various skills, continuously expand our experiences, and interact with more people and things.

During this process, we will encounter various bugs, and we need to constantly debug, fix, optimize, and even refactor.

But at the same time, in this world, there are people we like and things we love.

Life is both our client and our supplier.

Kindness and integrity, gentleness and thoughtfulness, wit and humor, contentment and progress...

Each of us should become our own product manager, clarifying the direction of each step forward, constantly self-breakthrough and self-iteration.

Thanks to time not abandoning us, let's bravely pursue our own future!

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